Olive extract, the ancient remedy among the most beneficial on the today´s market.

The olive tree is known worldwide for its properties and multitude of benefits. It is associated with the Mediterranean region, where its healing power was discovered back in time by Greeks and Romans. But it was not until the arrival of the Phoenicians that the cultivation of the wild olive tree was domesticated and adapted.

In the basin of the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil has long been a key ingredient in cooking, but also in medicine and cosmetics.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Mediterranean region is home to the largest areas of olive trees, with Spain being the world's largest producer and the largest olive-growing region in the world. More than 2.6 million hectares, 55% of the total in the European Union, ahead of countries such as Italy (23%), Greece (15%) and Portugal (7%).

Properties and benefits. The secret of olive leaf extract.

We use not only the fruit but also the leaves of the olive tree to benefit from its many beneficial properties. It has been shown that olive leaves have more active molecules than those found in olive oil.

The most important of these molecules are antioxidants, mainly polyphenols. These antioxidant molecules are produced naturally in plants as part of their metabolic processes (barriers to pathogen attacks). One of the most important of these is oleuropein. Does not only have antioxidant, but also anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial effects.

Other beneficial components include terpenes, tocopherols, hydroxytyrosol, maslinic acid and a long series of molecules that help reduce problems related to overweight, obesity and cardiovascular problems. In this regard, international agencies such as the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), as well as numerous clinical studies, have studied and characterised the active ingredients of the olive tree in relation to their effect on health.

Extracting these beneficial active compounds from the olive tree, while avoiding the calories associated with the oil, requires an in-depth knowledge of its composition and the function of each metabolite.

The link between SUANFARMA and olive extract.

SUANFARMA is linked to olive extract, as it was one of the first companies to export olive leaf extract to the USA. This was the origin of the current SUANFARMA Inc. We were known as "The Olive Extract Company", offering the best quality products and service.

The active ingredients in our portfolio are supported by clinical studies, safety tests and statements from EFSA. Our olive extract is composed of the active ingredients responsible for the major benefits of the Mediterranean diet, isolated using the most innovative extraction techniques.

Our strategy is to complement the Mediterranean diet by identifying the molecules responsible for its properties and using the latest extraction techniques for their production. This way, we have established long-term partnerships with leading national producers.

Crossing the Atlantic Sea to bring the properties of the olive tree to the world, is a Mediterranean botanical tradition thanks to SUANFARMA.

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