Welcome to, a SUANNUTRA e-store for small quantities of essential nutrients and clinically trialed branded nutraceutical ingredients.  Due to significant growth in the nutraceutical industry and an expansion in supplement launches by small startups and global brands alike, we recognized the need to provide options on pack sizes and minimum quantities to better serve our wide range of customers. This first of its kind ecommerce site was designed to address and satisfy the supply needs of innovative supplement brands exploring formulations or doing small-batch production. offers powerful search capabilities enabling quick navigation to the optimal ingredients for your applications and formulations. Easily identify ingredients by health support function, botanical source, category and more and order just the right quantity for your brand. The Nutrasmallpacks website offers timely and engaging information and tips, along with brand innovations and current news about the nutraceutical industry.

Each ingredient includes detailed information about its use, source, dosage recommendations and supporting scientific studies. A simple process guides you through creating a basic account allowing you to purchase at your convenience, and gain instant access to current pricing, stock availability, samples, and technical data.

We make it easy to step through the turnkey process on your own, or our expert staff is just and email, phone call away or chat message away to answer questions and offer needed assistance! Please let us know how we may help.

NutraSmallPacks Ingredient Categories:

  • Botanical Extracts
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Specialty Ingredients
  • Probiotics
  • Branded Ingredients

SUANNUTRA is a reference company in the nutraceutical ingredients sector, supporting customers by satisfying their supply needs and accompanying them in their commercial success. We are present from research and development to market launch. We offer both essential ingredients and the most select compounds, with proven scientific evidence.

We are part of the SUANFARMA group. Founded in 1993, SUANFARMA is a B2B life science partner specialized in the development, production, and commercialization of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and nutraceutical industries. SUANFARMA provides its services to more than 3.000 active customers in over 70 countries with the support of a consolidated and strong commercial network with 12 local offices placed strategically around the world and the highest existing regulations.

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